Flow of beer makingwork flow

  • Compounding
    We will ask you to choose a basic craft beer from four types: Pale Ale, IPA, Weizen, and Citrus.

  • Preparation
    We do all the preparation work of craft beer from 1. There is no doubt that it will be a loving beer by doing it yourself.

  • label making
    We have some of our own, but I think there are many people who want to create originals here. Give shape to your thoughts.

  • ripening
    After the brewing experience, it will be an aging period of about one month. By storing it at a certain temperature, it matures and becomes crisp and crisp.

  • shipping
    We will ship the product with a label created by the customer. Please wait until we arrive.


The price is for one craft beer experience.
If you divide the number of people, you can have a low-cost brewing experience and share the same time.

Brewing experience 1 time 48,000 yen
(excluding tax) 

Shipment included About 50 bottles (330ml) of one type of craft beer can be made.


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