Wakayama Brewerywakayama Wakayama Beer Brewery Third Generation

~From Brewpub to Microbrewery~

A brewpub (brewery with a restaurant) where you can eat and drink fresh beer on the spot and take out. Because it is a brewpub, it is possible to provide new products developed on the spot and conduct direct marketing. We brew craft beer based on the opinions of our customers, and commercialize those that have received good reviews. From the original brand “AGARA” IPA Pale Ale Weizen, we are researching and developing craft beer that utilizes Wakayama’s local resources at this brewery. Recently, we are also focusing on OEM brewing, such as collaborating with Wakayama Technical College.

Supports up to 90,000ℓ per year

Although we operate as a microbrewery, we can brew up to 90,000 liters per year. The brewing tanks are 4 units of 600 liters, 1 units of 300 liters,2 units of 150 liters, and 4 units of 5 gallons for hands-on brewing.

Kada Factorykada

~Kada, selected as one of the 100 best sunsets in Wakayama~

The demand for craft beer has increased, and Wakayama Brewery alone cannot cover the brewing volume. Therefore, we established this Kada factory. Located in front of Kada Beach, brewing while watching the sun sink into the sea. Mainly intended for overseas craft beer and large lot brewing.

~Large Lot Support~

Equipped with 5 2kl brewing tanks. Half-pitch brewing is also possible. Larger batches stabilize the quality, but tend to become more like industrial beer and lose the craft beer feel. However, we are aiming for brewing that takes advantage of the potential of the brewery and the technical capabilities of the brewery.