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~Our thoughts on brewery consulting~

Currently, there are nearly 800 breweries in Japan.

A few years ago, just the opening of a brewery in a region would make news, and the media would cover it, contributing to increased awareness.

However, with nearly 800 breweries popping up, the current situation is that even if a new brewery opens, its newsworthiness is diminishing.

The current situation is that even among craft beer enthusiasts across the country, we are not able to follow up on our efforts.

In the past, it may have been possible to create a sales plan targeting the entire country, but currently, a business plan targeting the entire country would require a significant amount of capital, making it difficult for new companies to enter the market.

Under such circumstances, we will help you launch a “brewery that can survive”.

The secret is how to become a brewery that is loved by the local community.

Assistance with manufacturing license applications, brewing technology, factory layout, equipment selection, and supplier selection is the most basic of basics. With this much support, we will be able to make craft beer.

However, just because it is now possible to make delicious beer, it does not necessarily mean that it will sell well. Deliciousness is an absolute condition and something that cannot be shaken.

In addition to making delicious beer, we believe that the other important requirements are how to be a brewery that can grow together with the local community, and how to be a sustainable brewery.

That’s why we place great value on prior meetings and take the time to do so.

We will visit the site, meet your colleagues, and together we will build and develop the basics, concept, target, market size, etc. of the brewery.

There are also franchise-style and school-style support in the world. There is nothing wrong with whatever you choose.

The role of our brewery is not just to make and sell beer.

What do we think of as a brewery’s role in the community?

is. We are helping to start up a brewery based on this idea.

It doesn’t matter whether you are receiving support from a FC or a school. We would be happy if you could support us in accordance with the purpose of brewing beer and become a partner who is responsible for “creating a fun life with beer” together with us.

In the meantime, if we can be of any assistance to you, we would appreciate it if you could contact us.

Here are the simple steps:

~Step model~


Email inquiry


WEB conference


On-site visit understanding including
location, specialty products, representative industries, etc.



・Step 1
: We decide on the overall budget and market
・Step 2: 
Select available subsidies, etc.

Brewing training practical lecture


Brewing equipment selection
Equipment supplier selection
Construction contractor selection


Brewing license application


Opening of business

Introduction storestore

Kyoto Maizuru Brewery

Kyoto Brewing Co., Ltd. is a craft beer company established in 2015 by three people from three countries: American Chris Hainge, Welshman Ben Falk, and Canadian Paul Speed. We are making beer with a deep taste by combining yeast mainly derived from Belgium with modern hops such as those from the United States.

Address: 25-1 Nishikujo Takahatacho, Minami Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Nachinichi Brewery

Craft beer is becoming a big market, but there are only a handful of companies that do everything from hop cultivation to brewing on a one-stop basis. Always pursuing the quality of “genuine”, we work together with users from cultivation to sales. We will release products under the brand VACANCRAFT and contribute to regional revitalization.

Address: 1398-1 Yajiro Ueda, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture